I Can't Join My Own Game Even No One Can

I Can’t Join My Own Game
No One Can Join My Game
Please fix this mineland

Dear @SaptakSD1234,

May I get the ‘/ad’ of that game so I can test your issue and fix it.

Thanks waiting for your response.

/ad badpvpparkour is my game please fix this issue

I’m quite sure you can do this now you can thank 15CrystalX by pinging him here he did all this :wink:

Now your game is joinable. You may try to join and there is no more issue about your game

Fix? Bro literally had access to mineland’s plugins API aka a dev. (Edit: It is tell not fix)

My real mean was so that I can report and help them to fix it as I have many contacts with testers and ruiners.

“as I have”. Also, I literally pointed it out that you rather use “tell” instead of “fix” since fix are a bit of programming here

Ever since I saw you become an imperator, you had been acting like a staff. You even reply on moderators’ thread which you ain’t supposed to.

I know that is why I have left that thing


If this issue still persists, please let me know.

It may be for some creative+ hubs that run your world when active, but sometimes it is closed, its random, i sure had this before. but i usualy wait around a day long and it will be normal again.

Hello! Are you still facing this issue?

The time limit for a response to this topic has expired, so I am closing it.

Sincerely, Tester1 femalengative