I mistakely on the login via premium

So moder i was playing and when i see that the people join in spawn they have a custom message so i was youtube rank i did /settings and in make my custom msg but i dont know it shows me premium option i cant find now wheni click after like 30 min i left the game and go for sleep when i join the game like after 2 days its shows me u are using a pirate client pla help me moder i want to play moder when I join your discord its stuck on whoops please tell the other way to get rid of this

When I join it says login again for premium verification
Wheni join again it say you are using a pirate client I cant join your discord so I appeal please appeal for me I want to play other wise I lost my YouTube rank account

Idk why I can’t uploaf

If you have premium account, and you use pirate client(Like Tlauncher… etc) then its will show this
Just use the default client and join the server then this question get solve

What is the default name?

Minecraft Launcher [20 Charcters]


you already wrote about this problem and with this problem you should apply here - mineland.net/discord/en
or if you have a vk account - Mineland Dev | VK

Sincerely, Tester2 femalengative