I want to be a moderator in mineland to help in Hackers Get Ban

I want to be a moderator in mineland and i report higher than 10reports in mineland and all of it accepted


Sure! Apply for it with the following tips

After reading the tips scroll down and there is a Google form click on that and fill it up.

I hope you get selected,

Good Luck :crossed_fingers:

first of all when proposing something to a higher education make capital I when you are addressing yourself and since 10 is a number you should say more than 10 reports not higher reports and use some helping verbs and please for the love of God use proper punctuation and keeping these points in mind write your moderator application because a even a mistake of word can get you 9.2ed
but i hope you don’t apply

To Be Honest Agreed! And, I am Damn sure he wouldn’t get selected as To be a moderator a good understanding and english is needed and this guy wrote “I report higher than 10reports in ml and all of it are accepted” Not are he wrote it Bruh!


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