I want to contact Administration/Core-Mod

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Dear @Opgamer ,

we don’t allow content with threats or hatred on the
server or similar. This violates the server guidelines.
you need to let us know on discord for confirmation. the forums are there to gather interest or need for help. This is just a hint for you because I don’t know what these screenshots give us a negative impression or newbies. This can cause harm. Thank you for your understanding

DJMahirNationTV | Server Moderator

Damn he replied i thought this thread will be open for like 1 month at least

The result is real, old player don’t like Mineland now
I think you may joined since 2022.
After 2020 C+ Sharded update, we don’t love Mineland really much now, some people even hate it.
Because of the below reasons:

  1. [G] → /cc
  2. The chat being to toxic/cringe
  3. 2022 Pay to get Skin
    *Including me, I don’t really love Mineland now.

add the poop anticheat too
i seen server that has no moderators but good anticheat with 2k+ players average
+no updates since world war 2