Idk if this is the right area bc i don't really use forums

hey im 15 and im trying to apply for moderator i applied in discord and i dont know if it gets accepted or not anyways here’s some facts about me
im online every day (5-8 hrs a day) and i like to find games in creative+
i also like helping people with stuff they need help with (if i can help them with it)
i can code pretty fast
i suck at pvp lol and im ok at building
if u have some questions about me i can gladly answer them
my discord: Dia#0075
my in-game username: 69420_funny
if u wanna try my game the ad is mccpvp

I want to become moder3 because for Justice and to remove unjustice from the game and if player need help to me I can help them will my power only the right player who have proof of hack or many unjustice think in the game so i can help with moder3

Hello @694200_funny ,

You can apply here: Apply for Moderator

Follow all the Steps and answer them.
Good luck :slight_smile:

U can help with reporting hackers here too do 100 of those first lmao