irmeya's Ban Appeal

User Name: irmeya

In-Game Name: irmeya

Ban Reason: Bug abuse

Why should we unban you? Today and without any warning I got banned for 3.2 - bug abuse by the moderator (shiningpr1sm) and I was pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong so I went to him and asked why he banned me and his answer was: my account is suspended temporarily until he investigate in my situation so he didn’t give me any clear reason and I got banned just because he thinks I did something wrong due to my ban I had to cancel all the deals that I had today and since I’m one of the most known players in mineland he ruined my reputation in front of everyone now they think I’m duping or abusing some kind of bug just because a moderator banned me without any proof
And this is the picture of his answer after I confronted him about my ban:

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Ohayo @irmeya!

After reviewing your case, we’re trying to get into contact with Justice ShiningPr1sm for his judgement. I do advise you to record certain situations such as, pvp’ing & trading. The moderators may misunderstand some situations and recorded videos will come in handy in such situations. You’ve been unbanned, please have a re-read of Rule 3.2 here and make sure to follow rules at all times!

Ban appeal accepted!
Good day!
injustice | Moderator