Itz_Me_Rup1's Ban Appeal

User Name: Itz_Me_Rup1

In-Game Name: Itz_Me_Rup

Ban Reason: Rule 2.2 - Threatning

Why should we unban you? I know that I have got a ban for just 3 days but im here to say that the person I have banned the player
(Nefahh) for doing Rule 3.1 - Provocation. I do have a screenshot of our conversation. And before that he was also avoiding some other rules too I told him that ( You can get banned for this) Then he said im abusing my powers. So I wanna just say this that the moder ( Miglea ) has banned me without any valid proof when I asked her if the player (Nefahh) has sent her any valid proof of my ban she said no so how could moders ban without the valid proof.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Greetings @Itz_Me_Rup1

Upon checking, I have confirmed that your ban was valid. I would recommend you to read Rule 2.2 again. Please read up all the server rules and make sure to follow them at all times.

Rules: Ingame Server Rules
Ban appeal denied.

Have a nice day,
zVorobeyz | Justice