Leathen's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Leathen

Discord Name And Tag: Leathen18#5842

Discord ID: 1076236263637655622

Ban Reason: Raiding

Why should we unban you? Hello, I am Leathen18 a Donator in the server Mineland Network. I have been here since early 2020, nearly 3 years of experience and fun with your minigames and friends. Recently, I joined to your Discord server:Mineland Network so I can chat and share memes with the wole server, even when I was not online. The days were passing, and I was an active Expert there (since I have linked my account) because i wanted to make silver to buy a pet and exp to lvl up. But one normal day, when I got informed that the word “Gay” was allowed to say there, I unfortunately spammed that word. I didn’t know anything about a ban rule for something like that. I mean I didn’t mean to offence anyone. Furthermore, I was looking forward to stay in the Discord server, in order to become a Moder in the Minecraft server. Since then, I could discuss some topics about bans, mutes and other Mineland related stuff. I have regretted what I did and if that was offensive or sarcastic yo some people, I am really sorry. Thank you.

Proof: Click Here

Dear @Leathen,

After reviewing into your case, The punishment issued to you is valid. Therefore an unban will not be issued to your account. Raiding in the form of spamming the same messages continuously within a short period of time is strictly prohibited on the discord server which is why the ban was issued.

Therefore, the discord ban appeal has been Denied

Have a good day ahead,
CookieDragon32 | Discord Moderator Justice