_Marcel911's Ban Appeal

User Name: _Marcel911

In-Game Name: Marcel911

Ban Reason: 4.1 Cheating

Why should we unban you? Hello, I logged in and Prison gespielt.es gave this new update and started from scratch. When I farmed coal I was banned for 4.1 I don’t know why and didn’t get an answer from the one who banned me. I wrote to him on discord 1 month ago and he didn’t answer. I hope it will all clear up

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Greetings @_Marcel911

According to Ban appeal Rules, you may only appeal for a ban within 7 days of the ban issued.
As you were punished more than 7 days ago, Ban appeal Denied.
Please read up all the server rules and make sure to follow them at all times
Project rules: Ingame Server Rules
Ban appeal rules: Guide: Ingame Ban Appeals

Have a nice day,
zVorobeyz | Justice

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