Mothaioks's Ban Appeal

User Name: Mothaioks

In-Game Name: Mothaioks

Ban Reason: Dupe

Why should we unban you? I was Traded items that were duped, i Also got banned for 7d and think that my item got cleared and Then i was banned for 30 days, i shouldn’t be banned for accidently having duped items in inventory? I don’t know that admin sword were bannable, because i started playing s1 more than a week. When igot ban for 7d for dupe I already think the Admin Cleared my inventory, which im wrong they don’t clear my base or my inventory at the moment. and there’s Also many People on my rg Which they put there stuff in there You could check it by yourself /rg i Mothaioks. Have A nice day!

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Greetings @Mothaioks

According to Ban appeal Rules, you may only appeal for a ban within 7 days of the ban issued.
As you were punished more than 7 days ago, Ban appeal Denied.
Please read up all the server rules and make sure to follow them at all times
Project rules: Ingame Server Rules
Ban appeal rules: Guide: Ingame Ban Appeals

Have a nice day,
zVorobeyz | Justice