MReshico's Ban Appeal

User Name: MReshico

In-Game Name: MReshico

Ban Reason: 9.2

Why should we unban you? So i sent a proof about Techfrick2_work`s hack, and Firestar replied “Player will get ban soon” and i banned him, But after 1-2 hours, Firestar changed his reply to “proof isnt enough”. I think it isnot my problem.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Dear @MReshico,

After investigating into your case, An unban will be issued to your account shortly. As you followed the correct procedures, the Rule 9.2 Ban that was issued to you will be cancelled. The response for the forum report has been changed by the moderator and a reason being will be provided to you as soon as possible on why the proof was invalid. We apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused you.

I wish you a good day ahead,
CookieDragon32 | Justice