MReshico's Ban Appeal

User Name: MReshico

In-Game Name: MReshico

Ban Reason: 3.2 - Dupe @

Why should we unban you? I want to say about the accounts “Mafia_Mcc” and “Mafia_Mccc” in my IP. I never have accounts with these names. That`s weird how is this possible these accounts are in my IP.But my friend said me that my work account probably was hacked. So, it means the hacker hacked my work account,after joined the game with my work account and his accounts (Mafia_Mcc and Mafia_Mccc) added to my IP. I am sure duped items were given to my work account.
At all in the game I don’t have any duped items. I’am using TLauncher and Salwyrr, only there are 2 accounts - my main and work account. I did’nt play with my work account about 4 days. I played when my main account was banned for 9.2. Today i joined game for 3 minutes to give a item to my main account in survival 2. I dont have any op items in my work account in survival 1. In survival 2 i have only a arrow and a diamond with work account. Usually i dont play survival 1 and almost i spend my all time in survival 2 with my friends.
In survival 2 with my main, also i have no any duped item with main. Items in survival 2 i got items from the cases users. For example: I traded with irmeya, my friend SupremeXP - he gave me his items which he got from cases, yuvrajsingh28 - i traded items with this player, also this player was a cases users.

This video is about my region - in this video there my friend shows my region in survival 1, there is no any duped item, also in my /ec.My friend can’t show the base in survival 2, because i am not rg owner so i couldnt add him to my region in survival 2. In survival 2 i have no region with my work account, i sethomed a base which its mine and my friends(Xorsch), i have base in my main in survival 2. I am sure about staff members will check that base, even maybe, they did already. I am sure they wont find any duped item.
I will upload a screenshot here about - I have 2 account in TLauncher and Salwyrr. So i want to show that “Mafia_Mcc” and “Mafia_Mccc” are’nt my accounts
I did my best to prove it, I hope this helps you understand that I am innocent.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

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Guys dnt give him unban he always miss his power

U can’t say “Don’t unban him” just cuz u don’t like him


U can see here. This account’s language is Ukraine. I dont know this languge.This account is not mine.
By the way, these both alt account’s last login are 120 days ago. My laptop has a problem about wifi. Sometimes laptop can’t see my wifi, so i have to restart my wifi router many times. Even i remember i restarted 10 times in a day. And here a information in google about ip. It is impossible these alt accounts that last time joined 120 days ago still are in my ip.



If these alt accounts are mine, why these were’nt banned in this IP ban ?

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That is not a valid reason to not to unban him.

If you see him abusing his power report instead of passing negative/invalid comments to his ban appeal.

Dear @MReshico,

After investigating into your case, the ban issued to you is indeed valid, therefore an unban will not be issued and the appeal is denied. This is because large quantities of forbidden items were found on your region or regions you or your work account are apart off. Please take this time to read the rules carefully and avoid such punishments being issued to you in the future. Moreover, we apologise for the delayed response and any inconvenience this has caused you.

I wish you a good day,
CookieDragon32 | Justice