Mrfriendly's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Mrfriendly

Discord Name And Tag: Mrfriendly#4397

Discord ID: 714475621337661440

Ban Reason: Recording in a vc without permission

Why should we unban you? So i was in vc and someone was using hacks when i was pvp in survival and i told if a moder can come and watch stream, but he couldn’t so he told me to record so i recorded and got record of him hacking, then i post it on yt beacuse i couldn’t upload file on forums, but then a day goes on and i get banned for recording in vc without premission. Its not my fault! I wouldn’t do it but moder told me too and i thought it was not allowed but moder told me too so i did. Not my fault! And i can’t upload proof since i got banned in the discord server.

Proof: Click Here

Why is no one replying to my appeal:<

Hello there,

After a review of your history, it appears this is the second time you have been banned. The moderator told you to record the person breaking rules, not to also record the people who were talking in the voice chat. Because you have already been given a second chance we have decided not to give you another chance.

Ban appeal Denied

Have a nice day
goofy3319 | Helper Core