My claimed region base got grifed

great things all mineland players
im today want to report something happen after long time not playing on the server i decided to join and take a look on how’s everyone doing but shockingly i found my based was destroyed i did a quick /rg info to check if its no longer mine but seems like it still under my name and no stranger is allowed

“here is how it used to be next to how it looks now”

the one or group who managed to destory my base was capable of stealing all my loot including rare items that i payed for “blackmarket and other OP things” beside ton of map arts materials PvPkits Shulker Boxes/shels and Ors
it wired right i have no explanation on how or when this happend exactly and i wish if the moderators and staff team could explain this on how could some one break not only the rule of no griefing but also on a claimed region that he’s not allowed to touch

I’m very sad for your loss i even cried but then i looked at the date then i laughed HAHAHHA