Naruto18181's Ban Appeal

User Name: Naruto18181

In-Game Name: Naruto18181

Ban Reason: Rule 3.3- Account Sharing

Why should we unban you? Hi! Mineland, I am a daily player of your server. I was playing in “office” when my friend “Techno_is_real” started spamming what is my account password. I denied but he kept asking me. So i said a false password “123456” but he did not reply. After some time I got banned. Pls unban me as quick as possible.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

You told him a password which was incorrect and for joke.

But, it is still violation of ‘3.3’

So I think your ban is valid.

Next time, If someone is spamming you to give your password just report them to moderators and ask them what to do or just /ignore them.

Pls unban me, it was just a joke. Did not meant any harm.

And i reported aslo, but he left and a mail came in which was return," theres no player with this username". and then after 5-6 mins, i got banned.
i think 3698 days are still left for unban.

btw u wont be unbanned, you will be rebanned after the 10 years is up.

I plead the four four 5th - Edp in court
Parod1es… wait this goes behind. Nvm ill just leave it here. Wait, why are you still typing! stop, Parod1es

Hello @Naruto18181,


Upon further investigation, I deem the punishment on your account valid. Please take note that sharing your password, even if it is a fake one, is considered a violation. However, as this was meant to be a joke and your punishment was issued a while back, I will be giving you a second chance. Please make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future as no more second chances will be given.
You may log in the server now.
Ban appeal accepted

Have a nice day,
Youarefat_ | Justice