_Nine's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: _Nine

Discord Name And Tag: D.Vandermeer#6317

Discord ID: 1068417327965667358

Ban Reason: Doxxing | Violating Discord ToS.

Why should we unban you? I’m new to most part of Discord, so I wish to re-enter the Mineland discord channel. I just want to get my password reset through discord and continue playing with my account.
I also did not read the rules before I begin to chatting, so I did learn from this mistake. I hope to get a reply as soon as you could.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

Since doxxing violates Discord’s Terms of Service and is a high violation we have decided not to give you a second chance.

Ban appeal Denied

Have a nice day
Goofy3319 | Discord Moderator Justice