Opgamer's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Opgamer

Discord Name And Tag: op_gamerXYT_official#4785

Discord ID: 829969436572123136

Ban Reason: DM Advertising

Why should we unban you? Dear moderators,

I am working on a project for which I was needed team (related to ml). So, I asked some people about this and someone accepted it. So, I sent a FRESH DISCORD SERVER LINK to them with this message “Sir, for further information please join this server” and they reported me.

Please forgive me I will never ever do it again. Please please :pleading_face:

Thanks and regards.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

Our rules state that any forms of advertising is forbidden, even if it is for some project you should have asked the users before sending them the invite. However since it is your first ban we will be giving you a second chance, but if you do get banned again we will be denying all further appeals with no more chances to be given.

Appeal accepted.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice