opgamerXYT's re-Ban Appeal

User Name: Opgamer

In-Game Name: op gamerXYT

Ban Reason: 9.2 - Abuse of power (muting someone for saying “f-” in chat)

Why should we unban you? Dear moderators,

This is my re-ban appeal,

My previous appeal

I am banned for ‘9.2’ Time ‘64 DAYS’
But, I should’ve got banned for 2-8h

As, previously I was banned for same reason ‘15 DAYS’ and my ban appeal got accepted.

Same as, I was banned for the same reason ‘32 DAYS’ and my appeal got accepted.

So, I think you should reduce my ban appeal PLEASE :pleading_face:.

Thank you and have a great day and a great year ahead,

Fed-up player,
Imperator | opgamerXYT

My previous ban appeals

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

free gold goes brrr lmao


Bruh dude

I hate 20 characters

Dear @Opgamer,

After investigating your case, the punishment that was issued to you is indeed valid. Therefore, no changes will be done to your ban and an unban will not be issued. The reason being is that in accordance to Rule 10.3 which states:

  • Doubling ban time is only possible within 3 months after the end of the previous ban for the same reason. IP ban or @ ban time will always be doubled after the first violation.

From your history of numerous punishments of 9.2, the ban duration was doubled and therefore it reached 64 Days. Please be mindful and read the rules carefully that apply to you and avoid such punishments from occurring in the future.

I wish you a good day ahead,
CookieDragon32 | Justice