Oskaras's Ban Appeal

User Name: Oskaras

In-Game Name: OskarasPoland_

Ban Reason: Rule 3.8 - Bypassing ban @

Why should we unban you? I am sorry for breaking the rules, and i wont do it again, i dont have any other games to play and i am really bored, if there is an opportunity for me to continue playing, please let me know.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Hello @Oskaras!

After personally punishing you for your actions, and seeing your appeal now, it makes me feel very disappointed. I tried to give you a chance but seeing your recent actions, insultations of staff members, not following the instructions I gave and continuingly bypassing bans, your ban appeal is denied and no further chances will be given.

Look forward to a good day!
injustice | Moderator