Pengu's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Pengu

Discord Name And Tag: Hadwyn#6776

Discord ID: 960622969795788821

Ban Reason: MMM yes mentioning the word ‘vape’ because I called out a cheater mmmhmmm very nice

Why should we unban you? Heh…
That guy I played survival with one time who is apparently my british bestie is DC justice
Otherworldly sans, Parod1es 2023

Anyways, I’ll stop being an idiot for now. As you can see, at the top. I don’t care at all, I am russki communist but the server is so ugly that it makes me want to throw up. To any eng players, this is the definition of a fever dream.

I feel like I should be unbanned because. Once again, MENTIONING THE NAME OF A HACKED CLIENT IS NOT AGAINST THE TOS

Yes, advertising them is. But calling someone out for blatantly using hacks is obviously unfair to the person because they were trying to be a decent person.

Secondly, mentioning the UI of a client shouldn’t be considered advertising. Person 1 sends screenshot, person 2 replies “wait you are using vape-” then a moderator bans them. That is the logic mineland discord server has.

A little spill on the discord TOS. Yes, distributing the hacked clients is considered against it. But your genius ex-justices confused that with mentioning the name of a hacked client. Advertising a hack is considered “Hey download XXX. heres the link:”. And yes, I asked a discord support team member, they confirmed using the name of a hacked client is allowed in a general conversation.

Also the garbage excuse that I was warned for saying the name. Once again, I was calling out hackers in the chat. The warning given was for saying “@[mod name] Hey xxx is using vape client”. That is legitimate garbage to think that someone on the discord management would be so much of an idiot to consider this in violation. So first of all, you banned me for a false TOS violation. Then, you took no action when i said "xxx is online on mineland when a photo showed the IMPACT CLIENT UI in his profile “playing impact client 1.16.5” “online on [your ip address]” "

You all need sum better mods m8

Proof: Click Here

Dear @Pengu,

After reviewing your case, I have deemed your punishment valid. This is due to mentioning cheat clients in public chats which goes against the discord server rules, Moreover, you were also given a second chance and was verbally warned by the moderator to avoid mentioning cheat clients, yet it still occurred.

Secondly, Any form of messages relating to mentioning of a cheat client (in the form of a joke or pointing it out) can also contribute to the clients advertisement. If you wanted to report something relating to this matter, you could have done so by messaging the moderator directly and letting them handle the situation or contacting a staff member available which can relay it to the discord moderation team.

In conclusion, an unban will not be issued and the Discord ban appeal will be Denied

I wish you a good day ahead,
CookieDragon32 | Discord Moderator Justice