Ps_Gamer's Ban Appeal

User Name: Ps_Gamer

In-Game Name: Ps_Gamer_work

Ban Reason: Bypassed ban

Why should we unban you? Dear moder i wanted to say that before i made appeal that someone hacked into my account and 15xcrystal helps me alot to recover my id but he said u can use vpn to change your ip to play but vpn give bad internet bad ping cant play game and it so lag i decided to get another solution that the hacker is out of my ip and there only be me i am using a vpn u cant see that i am banned so thats why i gived u a link where i have proof
link = Dear moders i hope u understand the problem and i wish i will get my ip unban soon - YouTube

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Some IPs were banned so when you use that ips it ll show you are banned, just change vpn ip

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Dear @Ps_Gamer,

After investigating into your case, it appears you are no longer banned from the server. Please take the time to read the rules carefully and avoid such punishments being issued to you in the near future.

I wish you a good day ahead,
Youareafat_ | Justice