Reason why mineland dying (actual reason)

Hello, it may sound you crazy but it’s true mineland is dying. Slowly - Slowly like cancer kills humans just like that mineland is dying.
I have some reasons. (This is all based on our team’s servey)

  1. Strictness - mineland has so much strict rules. Before, mineland was having lenient rules making it free to play. But nowadays, it feels like playing in a prison. I know that strictness is important but it looks good at one point but the mineland strictness has reached space.

  2. Disrespect - mineland mods are polite in forums but in reality if you chat them in-game they will talk to you like you are their enemy. (This includes 60-75% moderators)
    They say that they are busy, if we want to ask them something they just ignore us. Samr thing happened to me I asked like 3-5 Moderators for a serious issue happened to me. But, they all ignored me only 1 Justice player took it seriously. Also, some moderators hate some of the players because of some reasons. A moderator hates me also. Reason: I had an argue with him related to a moderator and I was proved right and when I started discussing it from players he just gave me a Last warning :warning:.

  3. Leniency on mods - there is so much Leniency on mods like I told you in 2. About that issue that a moderator muted me unfairly and him and a moder+ also agreed it and I asked so no punishment he said me that “nothing will change” and it happened more than two times to me.

  4. Creativity - mineland has no more creativity because of limited features for talanted people. Like if the game owner is rich in gold he can just advertise his game and make money/gold but the talanted people who are poor in terms of gold can’t do it.
    Secondly, their are many copies of famous game
    Ex- KnockBack FFA
    I got this idea and made a game and it went crazy in older times but people started copying it and 100 of copies were made.
    I suggest that if a game has more than 10k visits and his/her’s game has a originality in it so he gets a power to report mods game that have copied his/her’s game.

I have more point but I don’t want that mineland completely gets demolished. So, let them be secret.

If you have any questions or feedback on it please reply on this topic.

Also, this has been faced by many players according to our survey we talked to 654 ml players and 537 players agreed with us (654 players were more than 1 year old players)

Thank you and have a nice day :blush:

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Note: I still love mineland and keep loving it.

And also, the point of this topic was not demolish the ml just to tell ml staff team that what is actually happening.

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Let me give you another reason
5. Anti-cheat - Yep the anticheat is too bad. There’s too many hackers in-game and I’m tired of them
6. Well, there’s rank, and they are expensive (for me). Yes, you can get rank from cases, but it’s rare, very rare. And I hate the coding level limit in Creative+. Lower rank players only got 1 free coding floor, and they need 1000 golds (or smth i forgot) to buy more. Less code floors = no good game to play.
If anything wrong, reply this, thank you.

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Yes the anti-cheat is very old and outdated that even an old hacked client can bypass it . they gotta update it

→ BUT, for creative+ even with 1 code level i had made very good games , like lucky snow , survival with different commands to help people , mining simulator , crop simulator , lucky sand , kit-pvp , Uhc so NO you are not entirely limited to some games , you just need to be creative and make games unique even with an easy altar or any other things ! thanks.

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yes the main reason is the anti-cheat. the anticheat is outdated and can’t keep up with new hacked clients and mods. recently i came across a flying hacker. like wtf, anticheat was like nahh! it’s fine you can fly in bedwars

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Oh and, the Skyblock gameplay is kinda boring too. Yes there is mob arena, but it is too not big. Why don’t they make a dungeon so it will be more interesting (in my opinion).

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Skyblock is simply a pay to play game, same for creative+.

true (i hate 20 chars ://)

Soo i am prozen414 i had a friend who was mod her name is thatsnotmel she scammed me in discord like i had clear proof of her misusing her powers and scamming me but that proof wasnt taken into consideration because it was in discord

But still I believe it should have been taken and should have demoted mel

Watch this thatsnotmel proof - YouTube this is the proof i had

You are saying internal reasons. The main reasons aka the external ones are school and Microsoft.

Lmfao prozen is like a real og. But Okay thanks Mr. Responsibility

Anti-cheat yes it is bad. But the coding floor… hmm some might say nah it doesn’t have anything to do with the player count, others have diff opinions. But whatever.

mineland is still good and still alive, but I think the only way to revive it is by not making it wayy to p2w,
tbh i miss the old mineland creative only, other than that, creative+ is really good and not a lot of servers could
compare to mineland, and mineland is also a cracked server so its hard for the anti cheat to get better because yk
the players could just create a brand new alt account,

i bet you that if mineland was a ppremium server they would be rich as hell

no… it is simply bcs mc is dying and covid is over just like hypixel from 180k players online → 60k and now it is only 40k

ml cant do anything to help themselves now.

eh, just wait until summer vacation, mineland players will go brrr

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Not sure, if the Game itself is dying since there is more Games like Valorant or anything else. Tbh the only game i play and even touch is Minecraft. The other games are just not creative also yes the Minigames are dying for some reason, because those people plays single player or having their own Server ig.

For older peoples it is less chance, they might be working in the Summer aswell

The game is actually dying. And, the mini-games are not getting much players because the owner have to give gold to advertise and money/gold will help you. I have faced this problem. It is difficulty to make an game interesting/good but to advertise it without gold is even more harder.

what? the game is literally dying you just cant notice it by yourself. Also i also stated it is bcs of covid and schools. dont you see 2020 and 2021 ml suddenly booming?