Report andria_saba for Rule 5.3 - Griefing by Helloboy1036

Your In-Game Name: Helloboy1036

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: andria_saba

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 5.3 - Griefing

Proof: andria_saba 5.3 Griefing - YouTube
sorry for graphics i will watch a youtube vid rn how to fix it but yall mods are too slow i banned him for 8 hours this is the second time this happens and you mods are slow to reply to my fourm so yall got my base griefed again so now i need to spend another hour fixing it

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Dear @Helloboy1036,

After reviewing your report and the proof provided, we deem that the player is not griefing as they are breaking the blocks of the global area and not the region claimed by you. Note, Rule 5.3 - Griefing is imposed for skyblock griefs whereas Rule 7.2 - Griefing is imposed for survival grief. Make sure you report the name of the player and the rule correctly from the following reports.

KT07 | Moderator.

let me correct you 7.3 is 7.3 Gameplay and the correct rule is 7.2 Griefing :slight_smile:

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