Report AntonyKanell for Rule 3.1 - Cheating by _igot

Your In-Game Name: _igot

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: AntonyKanell

Gamemode: Creative+

Rule Broken: Rule 3.1 - Cheating

Proof: i was told lagback done intentionally to win fights or prevent falling, as done by antony here, is bannable by 3.1.
though antony does not shift, you can tell he lags back on purpose as he always spam clicks and looks around aimlessly in hopes of being laggedback enough to where i no longer get the kill, its clearly on purpose
he literally floats in y 0 and spam right clicks which lags him back alot and i dont get the kill anymore

his ping is also relatively good as seen in tab, full 5 bars

refer to video

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Hola @_igot

The evidence you’ve provided is simply not enough to determine whether the player is cheating or not. Also the ‘lagback’ you’ve talked about is obtainable rarely by newly joined accounts by taking advantage of their spikey unstable latency. Overall the player was not found cheating therefore this report will be denied. Hope you understand.

adios amigo
15crystalX | Moderator

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