Report balushka for Rule 5.4 - Deception during trading/in dice by Kanuckkrazy117

Your In-Game Name: Kanuckkrazy117

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: balushka

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 5.4 - Deception during trading/in dice

Proof: Kanuckkrazy help pls - YouTube

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Dear @Kanuckkrazy117,

Two updates are coming your way. Good news: The player will receive the harshest punishment conceivable. Bad news: We regret that we are unable to refund your items. If you would you like to know why, please read rule 0.4; I’ll provide a link below for your convenience.

Note: You made the incorrect rule choice. Rule 7.1 - Deception during trading should have been the rule chosen instead. If you can, please try to stay away from such errors.

Refer here : Ingame Server Rules

Sorry for your loss,
KT07 | Moderator