Report bobica6999 for Rule 6.2 - Violation of game rules by Mope222

Your In-Game Name: Mope222

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: bobica6999

Gamemode: Creative+

Rule Broken: Rule 6.2 - Violation of game rules

Proof: He made 1 game with the title “mope22 gay” in it, then advertised it

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

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I can comfirm about that because Bobica6999 hate me because of the fact that im (look mope222’s proof because i don’t know if this word is banable) , and wanted to blame us about fake and real fact with this game and then after he adverticed his game i got a lot of message asking if i was or not , so after that i got some inapropriate conversation about 18+ thing ! thank you !

M4x_FX | Youtube

Dear @Mope222,

After reviewing your evidence we have confirmed that the report is valid, the user will be punished soon, thank you for reporting.

Have a nice day,
starGhost | Moder¹