Report Firestar32

Moder Firestar32 muted me for “He’s dating own sister” which is not a strict violation or avoidance of the Rule 2.1
But totally ignored almost the same by the meaning immoral message of Yorizu "I love dating 9yo girls yippie "
Hypocrisy of this moder will affect to the impression of English Moderation Staff


Firstly the report is not written in a correct order.

Head to this link and fill all columns

Secondly, it is possible that you were muted for your previous mistake and someone reported it.

Lastly, the player did not violated ‘2.1’ by saying that.

We do not have the privilege of reporting moders on eng forums :frowning: otherwise I would report all discord moders on their fickle mind but not for ru forums u can report them there or contact a admin and tell him about what rule he broke but as people say ignorance is a bliss and he ignored u no rules for moders ignoring so L


Sorry but I don’t agree with you.

I have also reported moderators and they have got punished. So, saying that you don’t have privilege to report moderators is completely wrong.

If you found any moderator/player violating any server rule feel free to report.

I Meant we don’t have a section to report moders and they do

Dear @saintnimbus ,

Upon checking, you have used the wrong forum channel to post such stuff in wrong format, please use this link to report such things “”. Thank you for reporting

Have a nice day,
LilNotNico | Moderator²