Report mc_jey for Rule 7.2 - Griefing by mc1f

Your In-Game Name: mc1f

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: mc_jey

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 7.2 - Griefing

Proof: Mc_jey greifed my home in mineland s2 #mineland #greifer - YouTube

this guy camed my home when i reset rg and he greif my base
also i got angry and set my home border and block he he did /home mc1f:home and he die by border
i said him to stop but he dident stop and i use /lightning

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Hello @mc1f ,

Upon checking your Proof, we have to tell, that you griefed your own base, the Player has been NOT suspected under any case after watching this Video Clip. I hope you understand.

Have a nice Day,
DJMahirNationTV | Moder³

But this video shows this guy stealing my items
And i will try to trap him thats why i broke blocks