Report _midnight666_ for Rule 3.2 - Dupe/Bug exploiting @ by MReshico

Your In-Game Name: MReshico

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: midnight666

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 3.2 - Dupe/Bug exploiting @

Proof: midnight2 - YouTube

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

funny that in the video it shows that you are saying for her to jump on that place isnt that provocation

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Dear mreshico, you showed me how to do it. As I was unaware of you violating rule 3.2, in your proof it shows you telling me which block was needed to stand on to do the bug as in the presence of you.

I had seen you violating Rule 3.2 -Bug exploit, and me being unaware of which rule was being violated I trusted your words as you dictated how to do it, which block was needed to stand on and demonstrated by doing it yourself. And if your going to say that I have no proof you are very wrong, I don’t need to have it as well, as it is provided in the video which you have posted. You had said in the previous messages “From ehre” then “here” and there was even you punching a block showing me, that it was the unique block which was needed to do it. Here are the proofs I posted here Incase you delete the video

here is the proof

proof that you told me to do it, as well as demonstrated it.

explain me what the previous messages mean, and your movements punching the block which was needed to do it.

from ehre l
you can clearly see that you are telling* from where to jump from l

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it is proof of you telling me to do it as well as showing the blocks needed and even demonstrating it. and you don’t have words because you know it’s ture.

maybe theres no word jump but you are seeing from here what you mean from here what you mean “from here” l cry what she can do from here that you have to keep punching the air

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It’s so funny that you don’t have any defense to our proof, just words that don’t mean anything. Lmfao

So we can see clearly u were exploiting bug. My proof is this. But u dont have any proof.

I was unaware of you violating the rule 3.2 and as I thought it was safe, I trusted your words and you showed me as well as demonstrated how to do it. And yes I do have proof but I didn’t even need to have it as it provided the proof you had given, the words you had said clearly shows that you were showing me the blocks needed to do the exploit, and you cannot deny my proof as I have It right here.

what are you going to say now? And you didn’t say those words and that you were punching the block which was needed to do it because you some how know the future and knew I was gonna do it? No because you showed me to and demonstrated it

Hello everyone and @MReshico ,

Upon checking your proof is too short we cloudnt get any Data of this Form also i suggest you next time to record longer, so we can progress your Proof. If you dont have any other Proofs you simply can Report inGame or feel free to send more Proof, so we can take a Progress on your Proof to deciede, if player will be punished or not.

In this Case for no more Proofs i will deny this Report.

I hope you understood,
Have a nice day.

DJMahirNationTV | Moderator

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