Report MrBoy_Best for Rule 3.2 - Dupe/Bug exploiting @ by Helloboy1036

Your In-Game Name: Helloboy1036

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: MrBoy_Best

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 3.2 - Dupe/Bug exploiting @

Proof: MrBoy_Best 3.2 Dupe/Bug exploiting - YouTube

logging off in pvp arena so you dont die is a bug/exploit confirmed by mods and devs ik rules so dont come at me mods and devs say ban who logs in pvp cause its a bug that they do

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

This proves nothing. This is legit the most idiotic report I’ve ever seen

Dear @Helloboy1036,

Upon checking, your proof is valid, and the player will be punished shortly, big thank you for providing us with the bug, please inform the administration about this, you will find a link here below you can provide everything with details so this can be fixed. Thank you for reporting

Link for bug reports: mineland-community / Mineland English section · GitLab
Have a nice day,
SkiScy | Moderator³

nice moderation, justive says logging in arena is not forbidden, but moders are banning player for this

justice can do what they want

uhh bro players are supposed to die automatically when they try to combat log but idk why he didn’t die?? this a real bug report this to get free award
i mean i died when i tried combat logging