Report nagibator_haggy for Rule 3.1 - Cheating by Helloboy1036

Your In-Game Name: Helloboy1036

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: nagibator_haggy

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 3.1 - Cheating

Proof: nagibator_haggy cheating - YouTube

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Hello. Helloboy1036.

The player you reported was punished.

Also, I have found an incorrect punishment from your side, you punished a player with language RUS with ENG reason. If you aren’t able to write in Russian, there ingame server rules page exists, you can copy the punishment command from there. I have to add that you are always obliged to check a language of a player before issuing a punishment, you can do that by proceeding /who nickname in chat.
Unfortunately, your account will be banned for Rule 9.2 - Abuse of power.


WorldsApart | Moderator