Report OutByte& his friends for This rule is not listed (I will point it out in the description) by cramble

Your In-Game Name: cramble

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: OutByte& his friends

Gamemode: Prison

Rule Broken: This rule is not listed (I will point it out in the description)

Proof: Hello Moders, I would like to complain against someone because of toxic and dishonorable (ie insulting). He insults my mother in /m and tells me to put a penis in my mouth. And then he speaks noodle language. So what kind of community is this? He insulted my family and my friends in prison! I want to complain to him, please do something about it. I don’t have any proof right now because I left the game and the chat was deleted. Please I hope you can help me. He insulted my friends too. I can’t stand it with him, if no moderator does anything about it, if I do /ignore, then he uses sentive insults in Russian or still English in public chat! What a shame is this comminuty!?

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

if you want proof there is a folder called logs in Minecraft folder
but mods probably can’t help you on this one this is i guess threatning or blackmail 2.1 2.6 etc but all these things happened in /m which you could have easily prevented by /ignore add (player name) so in conclusion it’s your fault you let it happen to you

Dear @cramble,

After double checking the evidence you provided we have deemed that your report is not enough to be considered infringement, no evidence was found, is in addition to note that the reported player has been the subject of several reports by the Moderator-Team therefore it is necessary to report the player again with the appropriate evidence on the case; We hope you understand.

Have a nice day,
starGhost_ | Moder³