Report Parod1es for This rule is not listed (I will point it out in the description) by M4x_FX

Your In-Game Name: M4x_FX

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: Parod1es

Gamemode: Creative+

Rule Broken: This rule is not listed (I will point it out in the description)

Proof: Hello , i report Parod1es because he bullie me everytime in /dc and in discord , he even buy prefix without my consent , i need help cause even by ignoring him he continue bullie me with other method like put agressive comment on my youtube channel , messaging me forbiden thing on /msg on Mineland , the only thing i can do for don’t see him is to leave Mineland Network , but i don’t want to leave , i can’t continue to get bullied like that , that need to stop ! thank you !(i took the screenshot on the Mineland Network discord server in #:star2:┃starboard)

M4x_FX | Youtube

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

(Additional info about player)
This player wrote me a pm asking me to provide evidence for the ban that I had already issued, my fault was that after checking his prefix, I confused it with the staff member and sent him evidence, in response he began to demand to send him a screenshot from f3, allegedly from I have cheats and I have to do the opposite and threatened me with a ban, for which he was punished, but such behavior (and I’m sure this is just one of his many tricks/pranks) seems inappropriate to me

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Hola @M4x_FX

The evidence you’ve provided does not violate any rule. Bullying is not punishable ingame but it is punishable in discord and if the player is caught bullying any member, they will be punished accordingly. Feel free to report the to a discord moderator if found bullying.
Furthermore upon checking the screenshot provided by @Renazer10, the player will be punished for Rule 2.2 - Threatening/Blackmailing. Since the report was made by @M4x_FX and the proof was invalid, this will be denied but the player will be punished for Rule 2.2 accordingly. Hope you both understand.

Adios amigos
15crystalX | Moderator

re-read, he was punished already for that

Damn new rule talking here allowed now? Sivk