Report Renazer10 for Rule 3.2 - Dupe/Bug exploiting @ by mc1f

Your In-Game Name: mc1f

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: Renazer10

Gamemode: Survival

Rule Broken: Rule 3.2 - Dupe/Bug exploiting @

Proof: My friend just send me screen shot proofs of renazer10’s duping place on discord and my friend also called a moder his name is callmedied and this moder said there is a duping place
Go this link for more screen shot proofs Proofs | Renazer10's duping place other screen shot proofs |

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Duping place XD, it was Nik_win’s base, without rg, so we found it and claimed, there is literally still his sethome. Also De_mira is a staff member and most of the territory is in his regions, not mine, so you’re not blaming me, but a staff member XD

Who mention stuff member here i mention u only and a moder said it was a duping place

Im not report stuff memeber here i only reported u

It’s De_mira’s house lol, i wasnt there for like few monthes, and please, show me dupe method that will be the same with redstone on screen to proof it’s an dupe place.

Bruh u said it is nik_win’s home and there had same colour 4shulkers and also a moder said this is a duped place look carefull i only report ur name

Was Nik_win’s base, read better, and goodluck with that report.


Also he said tnx for helping and he said he will tell senior moderators

Bruh he said do/home talkmelater:home but who talkmelater

Wait i think this proofs not insufficient so i will back with a record proofs by my friend and i dident report stuff member ik ur duper so u will make this using alt and add de_mira for ur safe

Hola @mc1f

I’d like to know that where is this area located, furthermore the proof that you’ve provided may not be enough however I’ll keep this thread open for sometime until it gets resolved, for now reply to this message of mine with the info of where this is located, I’ll give you 2 days to reply. If you want, feel free to contact me in discord, my discord username is

report on-going
adios amigo
15crystalX | Moderator

Join survival 1 and type /home talkmelater:home
Is it doesnt work do /tppos 500349 239 -666441
After you can go this place
( sorry for late reply )

Hello @mc1f,

Due to the report being too old, I will have no choice but to deny it. However, I will be keeping track of the names you provided. Nevertheless, thank you for the report

Have a nice day ahead!

Youarefat_ | Moder⁺