Report Shoury for Rule 2.2 - Misleading by Toxic_Frozen

Your In-Game Name: Toxic_Frozen

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: Shoury

Gamemode: Creative+

Rule Broken: Rule 2.2 - Misleading

Proof: he told in /cc that he would give 100 gold to person who coded him join/quit message
i said i can after i was done he didnt give gold and said he scammed me
so i broke the codes that i wrote and left now hes begging me not to report
the rule broken section didnt have scamming so i put misleading

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Hello @Toxic_Frozen ,

In short, for every report in the Forums, we need proof, if there is no Proof available. You can simply report InGame for Misleading. Besides, misleading means:

It is forbidden to threaten, blackmail, or mislead players on the technical and game aspects and misinform administration/moderation when reporting players.

Also there is no Violation in this Action. Because you have broken the Code, which is called “undo”. That means, you did a Action, that you dealed with him.

Therefore Report denied.

DJMahirNationTV | Moderator