Report WangHang_8274 for Rule 3.1 - Cheating by MrCrayV

Your In-Game Name: MrCrayV

Rule Breaker’s In-Game Name: WangHang_8274

Gamemode: Bedwars

Rule Broken: Rule 3.1 - Cheating

Proof: no solid proof, but ive already reported the same guy using the same name with different numbers. Feel free to ignore if this is not convincing enough
The other accounts that already reported includes:

  • WangHang_1586 by MrCrayV
  • WangHang_5835 by WhatIsMyNam3

I think ip ban as punishment would be suitable as he keep coming back with different accounts and ruining everbody else game experience in bedwars

(Optional) Uploaded proof: Click Here

Hello @MrCrayV ,

If you don’t have any Proofs, we can’t help here. You Simply can report inGame for MultiAccount or 3.1 Cheating. In Forums we accept Hacker Reports with a required and a Vaild Proof ( Video Proof ).
I hope you understood,
Have a nice Day!
DJMahirNationTV | Moderator