Result of the survey

So, We organised a survey to see do people really love mineland.

My expectation was that people will say “I love ml”

But, the results were shocking.

Before I show you the result


We are showing result in public not to harm/demolish the server respect, our main motive is that mineland staff should know what players really want in the server.
If there is any hate in this topic please contact me in discord

ID: opgamerXYT#4785

Also, no screenshots will be shown to ANYONE as we respect player’s privacy. All messages shown to you are by players not by us.

Lastly, survey was taken in Discord DMs. Second survey will be taken soon if this post gets a good response.


Total players taken part in the survey

Normal players:26

Gamer : 12

Skilled: 14

Expert: 5

Hero: 7

Youtuber: 1 (lol)

Helper: 11

Support: 15

Imperator: 13

Most hated part,


Mods are becoming meanies, they don’t want to help players anymore.


It feels like prison, there no such freedom for normal players to make games in creative+


Anti-cheat sucks, It kicks you out of a game when you are not even doing anything wrong.



Mineland is not having any much big updates all updates you see are now for ranks , bugs etc.

No events are being organised , no new gamemodes it’s boring for players to play in ml these days.


Mineland discord is much better than actual mineland.
As, chatting in it is nice. We make friends and listen to music play mini-games.
But, the rules make this also a prison.


Most common raiting was 5/10.

And the most hated part was moders (note: this raiting is not by us please don’t punish us)

We hope mineland staff see this and take some actions and if they want to know more they can contact me in discord.

Thanks and regards,

And special thanks to players who gave honest reviews.

how to get banned from forums 101

For that I am on the correct path.

Honest reviews, I hope you can start next survey as soon as fast :smiley:

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ye count my 1 star review in