Ridiculus mineland rule

who in the black sea get offended by “urmom” that the admins put it in the rule???

ye bro urmom jokes are dead now mineland still living in corona period

i guess everyone didnt like me and they had to find atleast one reason to stop me so yeah or something

“urmom” counts to “Parenting Insult”
Example, someone writes: “you are dumb”
and the other Player says: “urmom” slang coming from “Your Mom” which consider a Parenting Insult. which we do not Support.The community feels offensive and we don’t support that at all.

DJ | Moderator

Here are a list of people who feel offended by “urmom”

  1. ur
  2. mom

Proximus | Impostor

i showed my mom a urmom joke and she said
ok but did u do the dishes