Rinkoo's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: rinkoo

Discord Name And Tag: NotRinkoo#2719

Discord ID: 7D00E2B0-F8EB-437E-1D054D18

Ban Reason: Advertising (false ban ig)

Why should we unban you? ur automod banned me for having “among us” in my sentence or whatsoever, did i commit a crime or smth or is it something else that i did that got me banned,

i literally said “anyone wanna play among us” apparently that is bannable!
nice automod btw

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

You were falsely banned by the bot and we’ve issued an unban. Please be more wary on not typing discord.gg/ as it will be flagged by the bot, there is no one way fix as it will mark it as a valid invite link.

Appeal accepted.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice