Serious_0_0's Ban Appeal

User Name: serious_0_0

In-Game Name: serious_0_0

Ban Reason: Rule 1.2 - multiaccount @

Why should we unban you? dear moderators,i wasnt mutli accounting i was just playing normaly like anyone plays and love playing there so please unban me 3649d its alot time to wait please unban i will appricate if you unban me i was recording someone advs hes minecraft server proof is down

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

i rec before i get banned

yes that the 1 was advs hes server i

when you got banned?

1day ago @mohammed

Please unban me I wanna play ;-;

please answer fast :confused:

i answer now @serious_0_0

Wat @Pro_redstoner123

breh mutli account ban alot of days why ;-;

Hey there!

After checking reviewing your case, no unban will be issued. Please follow the rules to avoid getting punished.

Have a nice day!
injustice | Manager