shafayjan's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: shafayjan

Discord Name And Tag: Isuckatminecraft#0224

Discord ID: 722584216075763728

Ban Reason: Dm advertised

Why should we unban you? Hi! I’m shafayjan. Sadly I got banned today, from Mineland Discord. I accidentally Dm advertised. I’m so sorry for breaking rules again, I deeply apologize for my actions, I didn’t mean to advertise. All I was doing is showing my friend my recent YouTube video, I hope I get unbanned soon, sorry again.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

We have looked into your history and noticed this is your third ban. You have already been given 2 chances and we will not be granting you a third one.

Ban appeal Denied

Have a nice day
Goofy3319 | Discord Moderator Justice