Sky_kspop's Ban Appeal

User Name: Sky_kspop

In-Game Name: Sky_kspop_work1

Ban Reason: Rule 6.1 - Bypassing mute

Why should we unban you? I was coding on my work account when I got muted, then I just got suddenly banned for 1 hour
I was holding a text, and said “&ePlaying time left *c240 seconds~”
But that was a miss typed, I want type “&ePlaying time left &c240 seconds~”
The punish in invalid, my work account should be unban.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes


But that … “&ePlaying time left &c240 &eseconds!” *

bro i feel u that moder did wrong i bet he doesn’t have any kind of proof someone just reported and u got ban have some transparancy moders that’s called monarchy

moder be like: ban is valid bye bye

true, and 1hr already past

Sorry sky, ur a good friend but if this is crystal, the “egirl mod” who was hired for no reason who dishes out false reports won’t unban you.

SOLUTION We can make a petition to demote crystal then send it to migatooo (good friend who is very understanding). Try to get over 100 votes of players to demote them and it may happen. There’s hope man

With love, Paro
no homo

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P.S. Найдите людей покрепче.

tf is this ban appeal become

The border with China is wrong

We can try it :)) [20 Charcters]

May you give me your In-game name or Discord name?
It would be helpful :))

yes i can vote with all 3 of my Alta too 4 if u include my bedrock acc too

Greetings @Sky_kspop,

Apologies for the late reply however, I deemed the ban on your account invalid, therefore, your account will be unbanned. We apologise for the inconvinience caused.

Have a nice day!
Youarefat_ | Moder⁺