Staff on games | Who you should and shouldn't hire

Here I will be posting a bunch of players and reasons you should or shouldnt hire them. What roles they should be and more.

You can follow the format of:

User: **user**
Roles: **all/role they shoud/shouldnt have**
Decision: **Shouldn't hire them or Should hire them** 
Reason: *try to be detailed* 
Traits demonstrated in: **a list of games**

User: ItsMeOpti
Roles: Co-Owner
Decision: Shouldn’t hire them for these 2 roles
Reason: They are very immature with power. They are good staff but do not take their job seriously.
Traits demonstrated in: /ad cinoxpvp ~ OWNER, /ad msc ~ DEMOTED TO MOD

User: ItsMeOpti
Roles: Developer
Decision: Should hire them
Reason: If theres a code, he can do it with just arrays… i wish i was joking
Traits demonstrated in: /ad cinoxpvp ~ OWNER
If you can not find deefer’s code anywhere (unlikely), or can not ask them, then have Opti code for you

User: __Midnight666__
Roles: all
Decision: Shouldn’t hire them
Reason: If you want a crybaby who only talks about how much they hate themself, then they are for you!
Traits demonstrated in: /dc ~ MUTED MULTIPLE TIMES, /w ~ IGNORED BY 10+ PEOPLE

User: Parod1es
Roles: Co-Owner, Admin, any positions that need to be active
Decision: Shouldn’t hire them
Reason: they do not care about being active, barely work on their responsibilities or anything else
Traits demonstrated in: /ad cinoxpvp

User: Matqyou/matq
Roles: Developer
Decision: Should hire them
Reason: They are an amazing developer who is underrated, “is one of the only reasons I am able to code today” - Parod1es
Traits demonstrated in: any of their games

User: Hmm___yeaHh
Roles: any
Decision: Shouldn’t hire them
Reason: They are idiotic, immature, when I joined their game they gave me /dev
Traits demonstrated in: Their trash pvp parkour ~ Owner

Don’t give this idiot perms…

User: RobotGamer
Roles: Any
Decision: Shouldn’t hire this idiot
Reason: They are a: an idea theif, B: unlikable, C: unfunny and D: annoying and will make your game unfun
Traits demonstrated in: ANY
If 1 chromozone = 1 iq point, this guy would be up there with einstein

It means I don’t want to work for other games. It doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to.

In 2022 I was staff in many games but I stopped playing and resigned as I wanted to make my own game.

You can’t judge me without even knowing me properly.

And, saying I am rude. That doesn’t feel right from you.

User: Hauzenex
roles: crigifier
Decision: crig
reason: will crig your game
/ad hauzenex

You arent rude. See how there are multiple names?
You are: Annoying. That’s it and honestly, you’d take being staff too seriously.

Yes, I agree I am annoying but if I am not rude , abusive etc. You should’ve mentioned my name separately. And, about taking being staff seriously is what from I agree. Yes, I take being staff seriously but not in mini-games in mineland network.

you’re annoying af. Stop posting here, you’re abusive a clown and a waste of flesh. You take everything seriously and it shows how much of an emotional little kid you are. Fuck off

yo what about me (u can know about me from iCrazy_derp, BlosssomBG_, ItsMeOpti, AliAhmad123 Proximus0, Deefer, and other players on mineland English discord)

I want to know what people hate about me so that I can work on myself

he doesnt want to talk about me smh

u are banned smh
def you will be suggested for a coder and a good staff member

I DONT want to be a staff there is no benefits in being a staff in a c+ game + have you ever seen me in other games before? YES but seldom bcs THE only chance of walking across me is WHEN I am super bored

Even if i become a staff I wouldn’t even care and leave that to others bcs u c the only thing i do when i join a players world is STAND still then chat and chat

AND “he doesnt want to talk about me” here had a deeper meaning

i have really nothing to say you, keep your ideas to yourself. no one cares about your opinion, anyhow this doesn’t really effect anything. ;3

“no one cares about your opinion” yet over 10 games have blocked you from applying.

Want to hear why im different from you, i can give people 500 money in hyperionLF and they ban you from their games. Or even sweaten the pot, make it 2000 and levels in cinoxpvp

you know exactally “wut the hell i said o-o”. You can drop the cutsie act, we all know you are a DID, OSDD-4 wannabe type clown. With 3 personalities, you aren’t a nice person, when you snapped in my /w, going far enough to use the N word, anti-semetic jokes, and the F-slur. And then your “goth emo CUT MY LIFE INTO PEACES, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT, SUFFOCATION, NO BREATHING” goofy ass. The amount of homophobic jokes and slurs you used in my /w is just comedic at this point, i’m not even gay…