tabonatic's Ban Appeal

User Name: tabonatic

In-Game Name: Kirara_Hoshino

Ban Reason: 3.1 - distribution of cheats

Why should we unban you? i was just playing bedwars with my friends and suddenly hit with a ban for distribution of cheat what why would i , i littrely posted 3 rule braking application on form to ban hacker and it was vaild and they got banned then why whould i distribute cheats.
i have like 5 players in my party at that time they can comform i was not giving them cheats and i can give a lot of proof
i will request the moders to check the ban again
and if the ban is valid anyhow then please atleast give me a proof it would be enought for me to quit mineland Kirara_Hoshino#4806 this is my discord . and yes i do use ‘nametag’ cuz it is allowed in survival and i play survival thats all today i even put a question on /ask about can we use nametag in sw and bw and a imperator sayed it not allowed so i was not using it after it i will give link to my vedio as proof they are littrely 1 recorded 1after another more hax - YouTube
more hax - YouTube
hax - YouTube
stupid hax - YouTube as you see in this vedio i used nametag this is before asking the question on /ask and the above one’s are after it

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

ah yes children who got banned, goes well with the breakfast

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Hello @tabonatic,

A proper reply will be given to your main ban appeal.

Have a nice day,
Youarefat_ | Justice