tabonatic's Ban Appeal

User Name: tabonatic

In-Game Name: Kirara_Hoshino

Ban Reason: 3.1 distribution of cheats now changed to cheating

Why should we unban you? i am wrighting a second appeal becasue the resion of my ban was changed from first distrubution of cheats to now cheating when i asked the mod for avidence they say we dont provide proof’s to anyone in risponce i would like to say should’nt they first post the proof on forms ? and now first i would like to give the link of my first appeal here tabonatic's Ban Appeal

there is plenty of recoding’s that i have put in that appeal and it was recorded today and if the moderators requires more then i can provide it on my discord Kirara_Hoshino#4806 and as i have told in that appeal i did used “name tage”(it shows players hp), {only for some time because when i put up a question on /ask i got a reply maybe not so i didn’t used it then }and because nametags are allowed to use it is survivals and almost all playes use it and since i am a daly survival player i also use it and i can proof that i play survivals i have a lot of vedio of hackers on survival and i have plenty of friend which played with me on survival . i submit proof’s for rule bracker’s on forms almost every day and at the time i was banned i was playing in a party with my friends on bedwars they can conform that i was not using any cheast while we where playing and maybe moders can see the chat log if they can and see the number of time i was killed or died to void idk if thats a proof but it does shows i am bad at the game .

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Dear @tabonatic,

After checking your case, we deemed that ban on your account is valid. Upon investigation, we found out you hacking into the server. Do note that hacking is not allowed anywhere on the server. Please make sure to read the server rules and follow them at all times.
Ban appeal denied.

Have a nice day ahead,
Youarefat_ | Justice