Tbkk's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Tbkk

Discord Name And Tag: I Love You#5926

Discord ID: 647878997216329739

Ban Reason: I never really got an actual ban reason due to it being a manual ban

Why should we unban you? Well, first of all, I never got an actual reason since it was a manual ban, which also means it was a custom ban, and before they do those, the player gets a verbal warning or at least a mute (depending on the case), but I never got a verbal warning or anything like that, so that makes it look like my ban was quite invalid since I don’t think they should let managers do whatever they want. And the only information I got about my ban that day was from a discord helper ( known as Raptor ) who said I was “interfering,” which doesn’t really sound like a great ban reason. But in case it was something similar, I have a valid reason for everything I did, and there is really nothing in the rules saying it’s not allowed, nor did I get told to stop. (To be more specific, I was asking helpers about the current situation and if they agreed with everything I said, since by what I was seeing, the helpers weren’t doing that great. I never forced them to say anything bad, but it might have looked differently when I was talking to Raptor because it was far different from what the other helpers had told me, so I was quite surprised. And I never planned to share any confidential information in case they accidentally leaked something, which did happen, but once again, I never threatened anyone or forced them to do it. Everyone was free to simply either block me or not provide any information to me, so if that was actually the reason I got banned, it’s completely stupid).
This is also only my second ban and my last one was due to me being hacked so I’d appreciate getting unbanned cause I really do miss chatting there with people I’ve been friends with for a long time now.
Really thank you for reading all of this and have a lovely day <3

Yours truly, XoXo Charlie. Kisses

Proof: Click Here