The Untold Story Behind Mineland's Removal of NBT Modifications

Have you ever wondered why Mineland removed NBT modification for items in C+? Some players may say that it was causing lag and other issues, but my theory suggests that the real reason behind it may be something else entirely.

Let’s start from when Mineland became available for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. As you may recall, Minecraft’s mob vote official server was hacked by some malicious hackers, causing serious problems. To prevent this from happening in Mineland, developers removed NBT modifications.

But how does this connect to Mineland removing NBT modifications? Well, Bedrock hacked clients (which, just to be clear, I do not condone the use of) provide special commands related to NBT reading and loading, as well as spoofing packets that are being sent. Using this exploit, a player can obtain a specific item that can execute specific commands when placed. Unfortunately, this has led to many Bedrock realms being completely destroyed by the exploit.

It’s important to note that NBT modification is a useful tool for many players, allowing them to customize their gameplay experience in unique ways. However, in the case of Mineland, it seems that the potential risks of leaving NBT modification enabled outweighed the benefits.

Overall, it’s fascinating to see how one event (the hack of Minecraft’s mob vote server) can have ripple effects throughout the Minecraft community, even leading to changes in popular servers like Mineland. It’s a reminder that the actions of a few can have a significant impact on many others.

Please note that this is just a theory and has not been confirmed by Mineland’s developers. Additionally, the use of hacks is not condoned and can lead to serious consequences. We encourage players to play fair and follow the rules set by their respective servers.

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That seems really true, but it is severely disadvantaging our gameplay as well.

But on the other side it was also necessary because a lot of player misused it

Agreed. Tho i can think of a better solution. You can ban people who misuse it and keep it in the game. Cuz I’m trying to make a block wars (come and support me at '/ad block_wars '!!!)game and the tnt is always a 5 second explosion timer even when I set it to 3.

NBT is a very powerful variable in MC bcs it controls how items work and one player can even make a server dead with an NBT-modified item so

for exp: i change the “CatType” NBT of a cat can cause errors leading to crashes

its actually due to a few specific NBT values:

all that increase damage
or make the game harder to play or boarderline unplayable