TheGoodboy's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: TheGoodboy

Discord Name And Tag: BeingGood69#7160

Discord ID: 814109416306769971

Ban Reason: DM advertising

Why should we unban you? Please unban me my discord got hacked and i want to get unbanned. There is a hacker in my account which sends scam links when I was not online for 2 days straight. It send the scam msg to everyone of my 160 friends it wasn’t even my fault. Pls unban me it won’t happen again.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

We have looked at your history and since this is the first time you have been banned and it was due to your account being hacked, we will give you a second chance. Please make sure to read the rules and keep your account safe so this does not happen again.

Ban appeal Accepted

Have a nice day
Goofy3319 | Discord Moderator Justice