This is why Russians are smarter than English playerz

So, English players here refer to the whole community from around the world that speaks “English”. That means the Russians that speak English mainly on English chat are as well considered “English”. The Russians include people whose nationality is Russia and they are from the same country (Yes, in most cases if we didn’t count the people from Post-Soviet countries).

Now about the main part, this is kind of a Mathematic-involved problem. But of course, I will try to explain it as simply as possible.

Let’s say, in a country that has 10 million as its population. The average IQ of a person is approximately 95. So, there will be people with IQ that less than 95 and higher than 95. But average here is the most popular IQ index that a person from that country can get.

IQ is done, but what about their ages? Well, let’s say they had a long history of fighting and most of the old men died during that period. So, most of them will be pretty young. Let me just give out some random percentages:

Age 0 - 3: 12%
Age 4 - 9: 21%
Age 10 - 15: 18%
Age 16 - 18: 11%
Age 19 - 39: 26%
Age 40 - 55: 9%
Age 56 - 75: 2%
Age 76 - 100+: 1%

As you can see from the graph above, most of them are from the age of 19 - 39. At this age, they will have to work for their family and most of them don’t bother to play video games often. Thus, 16-18; 10-15 make a lot of sense. So, at that age, most people will either have a phone or a computer. We will take the country’s population and divide it by the percentages [(10,000,000 / 100 * (18+11)]which is equivalent to roughly 2,900,000. Then, we will see how many of them have a computer. As mentioned above, they will either have a phone or a computer so we will take it as 50%. Now divide the 2,900,000 by 2 (100/50) and we will get 1,450,000. Next, we gonna calculate the percentages of them playing Minecraft. Because almost 8% of the world’s population has played Minecraft at least once so I will take it as the base percentage. We take 1,450,000 divided by 12.5 (100/8) = 116,000. How about the percentage of them finding out Mineland? At its peak, Mineland has a player count of 1,200. Because the majority of the players are from Russia so the percentage would be around 60% or 720 Russian players. We again take that 116,000 multiplies by 6/10 and get the result of 69,600. So every 69,600 Minecraft players from that country, there will be at least one person to find out about Mineland.

Because the average IQ index is 95, so not everyone from that country (that plays on Mineland) will have the same IQ. So the IQ index of that person will be 95(+/-10) IQ. Since there are 720 players from that country playing on Mineland every day it will increase the percentage of having the average IQ index of that country.

Now, compare it to the global community. They are from all over the world which means we don’t have a reliable average IQ index and each country has its own education system. Those 2 factors will decrease the percentage for a person to match the same average IQ index as the person from a country. Yes, most of these were speculated by me but I still think this is the main reason why “Russians are smarter than English players”.

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I said “imagine a country” and the percentages are based on it

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the logic in this post exactally is why EN players are dumber than RU players :skull:

u try to pick a random number from 1 to 12. Again pick a random number from 1 to 60. Compare the odd of picking the number 4 from 2 examples and u will see

why dont u make a post that explains this accurately without mentioning those irrelavant words like LGQBT