Turning off the chat for no reason

My nickname : Your_Cute_Pet
The violator 's nickname : Younshin
Time : 12:27
Description: Turned off the chat for me and another player for absolutely no reason when we were silent and did not write anything
Minecraft_ 1.18 - Сетевая игра (сторонний сервер) 29.10.2022 12_21_54
Pls help

Probably a Russian used a translator, I can clearly see the name of the post is “turning off” instead of “mute”. This forum is for ENG people so go back to RU.

Ok man hate to break it to you but you have been muted ;(

I have already tried to log into the Russian forum, but it does not exist

Try this link

Ok then at least follow the correct report format. And also it exists, the API just had some problem.